What does it take to be an amazing accountant?

Being an amazing Accountant

We’re proud of our team here at Rosscot. And we only employ the best. So when you choose us, you know you’re in the safe hands of an accountant who’s not only qualified, they’re also human. 

We don’t bamboozle with technical jargon and buzzwords. Our clients know they’re working with a Rosscot accountant by their passion, their cheerfulness and how relentlessly helpful they are. 

So how do we choose our staff? And what does it take to be a Rosscot accountant?

Be a great problem solver

Rosscot accountants are problem solvers. We’re here to make your life easier with a valuable level of service. 

There isn’t a finance problem our skilled accountants can’t find a solution to. And finances can be complex, so being a great problem solver is an essential skill for a first-class accountant.

With a good knowledge of local business

We know local industry and we make it our business to be fluent in the latest legal, financial and tax requirements. We’re proud of our relationships with our local business community and we love nothing more than supporting our fellow business owners on their journey to success. 

Knowing the intricacies of Jersey tax laws is key to being an amazing Rosscot accountant.

You’re flexible and knowledgeable with tech

We’re tech savvy here at Rosscot, but we don’t annoy our clients with confusing acronyms and niche terminology. 

Yes, we use the latest tools to provide efficient and quality service. And we love our cloud based systems, but we’re also experts with Excel and other more traditional systems. 

And numbers float your boat

We love, love, love a spreadsheet! We know to some, getting excited about conditional formatting and ‘if’ functions is enough to send you to sleep, but it’s the air we breathe. 

And, it helps us to analyse all your data so you can make the best business decisions.

You’re a critical thinker

It’s all about the big picture for us. We think critically so our clients are equipped with the knowledge they need to plan for the worst, while being prepared for the best. 

Accountants must be critical thinkers. Sure, accurate number crunching is vital, but a good accountant will also apply critical thinking to be able to interpret the numbers.

With great time management

We’re no clock-watchers here. Good time management for us goes hand-in-hand with flexibility, while never, ever missing a deadline. 

Our staff are trusted to hit the tight deadlines under pressure. Because we all buzz off number crunching and doing a great job for our clients.

We’re a well-oiled machine here at Rosscot, so we love people who work hard and get job satisfaction from making our clients lives easier.

You have a strong sense of ethics

Our clients are our number one priority. And we make it our business to ensure they aren’t paying for things they don’t have to. 

We want to see them succeed and that means making savings through expert accountancy. But we do it with absolute integrity. Rosscot is an ethical practice and we take pride in upholding codes of conduct. 

And you’re friendly and approachable

Here at Rosscot, we upend the traditional perception of accountants. Yes, we get a bit excited by numbers and spreadsheets, but we still know how to talk to people. 

We love nothing more than a good chat with a client over a coffee. So don’t think we’re faceless drones who can’t be prised away from their screens. Drop in and say hello, or give us a bell. We’d love to chat.

You’re community minded

We’re firm believers in giving back to our local community. No accountant is an island (even though we live on one!). 

We think of our area as a finely balanced eco system. And we all have a role to play to support each other. It’s for the benefit of all of us that local companies are successful and we’ll do anything we can to help our fellow business owners. 

If you want to chat about a career in accountancy, or if you’re a business owner looking for a bit of support with your accounts, get in touch.

Tricia Redmond FCCA, Dip IOD, CIPD CPP


A queen of multitasking, Tricia works with the whole team and covers all operational areas of the business, covering a little bit of everything.


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