Is it better to have greater profitability or growth in business?

Profit vs Growth

When you’re starting out in business, you might think increased profitability is the same thing as growth. But there is a difference. And favouring one over the other could land you in hot water.  So what’s the difference, and should you focus on growth, or profitability first? Profitability So, the profitability of a business is […]

3 Ways to Nail your Payroll Process

Nail Your PayRoll System

There’s no doubt that times continue to be tough for business owners. And although energy prices are not expected to rise significantly in Jersey for a while, the island is certainly not immune from the cost-of-living crisis.  With gas bills rising and inflation on the upswing, businesses are looking to find ways to streamline their […]

Top Tips: Excel or Accountancy Software?

Rosscot Top Tips

Everyone has a different approach to their business, but without proper process, admin can become a chore! Here’s Sophie Fisher explaining a little more about why Accountancy Software should be a serious consideration.

Top Tips: Combined Employment Returns

Rosscot Top Tips

Combined Employment Returns (CER) were introduced in January 2022, changing the way in which your tax, social security, manpower and benefit in kind returns are submitted.  Practice Manager, Tricia Redmond explains how this may impact your business.

Top Tips: Is Being in Debt Bad for Business?

Rosscot Top Tips

There are many variables involved with running a successful business – and sometimes that means accepting that you are in a position of debt. But is being in debt really bad for business? Sometimes debt is expected and planned for… Director Sean O’Flaherty explores how debt doesn’t necessarily need to be negative.

Sole Trader or Limited Company – What’s best for my business?

If you’re starting up a business, one of the first things you need to consider is what type of legal entity is best suited to your situation.  There are many different practicalities to consider in this decision; are you working on your own, in partnership or intending to employ others? For example. Do you intend […]


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